Please see a list of the fees below

Private Fees

Level B consultation (Up to 20 minutes in length)             $75.00   (Medicare Rebate:  $ 39.10)

Level C Consultation (Longer than 20 minutes)              $110.20 (Medicare Rebate: $75.75)

Level D (Longer than 40 minutes)          $144.55 (Medicare Rebate: $111.50)

Heath Care Card Holders Level B Consultation $50.00 (Medicare Rebate: $39.10

Heath Care Card Holders Level C Consultation $85.00 (Medicare Rebate: $75.75

Heath Care Card Holders Level D Consultation $120.00 (Medicare Rebate: $111.50

Dr Noor & Dr Kodur

Children under 16 who are regular patients of our practice are Bulk Billed for these Doctors only and All Doctors Bulk bill AGED Pensioners over 65 and Veteran Affairs GOLD card holders . Children who are patients of another practice under the age of 16yrs are billed $75.00 with a rebate of $39.10

GOLD Card Veterans Affairs and Aged Pensioner over 65yrs are Bulk Billed. Health Care Card and other Pension card holders will pay a reduced rate for Consultations of $55.00 for a level B consultation.


We accept Cash or EFTPOS

Rebates will go back to your account via EFTPOS card.  If you would like it electronically sent to Medicare please let reception know before paying.